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Uniforms and Dress Code

2023-2024 Uniform & Dress Code Information

As a Founders Classical School, we adhere to a structured and consistent environment for all Scholar's growth in Academics and Virtue. Teachers, Faculty, and Students are to be held to a high standard in regard to Dress and Decorum at CAPB.

UNIFORMS: Unless otherwise specified, students are required to wear a polo with appropriate navy/khaki bottoms, or girls may wear the approved jumper/dress approved on the uniform website. 
Girls are required to wear: Button-up Shirt (Peter Pan color), Cross Tie, with a Skirts (if absolutely necessary, pants will be allowed, but skirts are highly encouraged). 
Boys are required to wear: Button-up Formal Shirt, Tie, with Pants.
IMPORTANT: When ordering uniforms on the French Toast website, you will need to select/add the required decoration (on each item) in order for the embroidered logo to be placed on your items in accordance with the dress code/uniform policy. 


Shoes: All navy, black, white, brown or gray closed-toe shoes only (no crocs, sandals, flip flops or boots). If you need suggestions, please search “girls/boys uniform shoes” at: Amazon, The Shoe Carnival, The Children's Place, JcPenney, Kohl's and Wal-Mart.


Socks: Only solid brown, white, black, navy or gray are allowed.


Belts: A plain solid black or brown belt, with no embellishments, must be worn daily.


Headbands/Hair Bows: Girls may wear all navy, black or white (no animal ears, hats, scarves, etc.).


Piercings: ONLY EAR PIERCING ALLOWED (nose, eyebrow, tongue, lip, facial piercings are NOT allowed).

K thru 5th may have 1 ear piercing in which only stud earrings are allowed (no hoops, etc).

6th thru 8th may have 1 ear piercing. Boys may wear studs only. Girls may wear earrings that are no longer than a 1/4" below ear (jumbo/large hoops, etc. are not allowed).


Tattoos: Permanent and/or temporary tattoos, or drawings on skin are NOT allowed.


Hair color: Natural Colors ONLY (black, brown, blonde and natural red). Colored strips (whether dyed or put into hair) are NOT allowed.


Nails: Acrylic and/or “fake nails” are NOT allowed. Polish may be worn in only clear or skin-tone colors.


Masks: will NOT be permitted unless a medical doctor requires you wear one, and a note from your provider is on file with the Nurse.